Our Vision

When we started sushi delivery in 2007, our aim was to deliver fresh and authentic sushi to discerning customers in Delhi and NCR.


Over the years, we've been through various challenges from procurement issues to value based issues. Now we want to take on a new challenge, which is to provide food that is good for you.


There is a saying in Japanese 医食同源 - ’Ishoku-Dougen’: If You Eat What Is Natural And Good For Your Body, It Will Strengthen Your Body And Will Help You Prevent Illness.


We are working to further improve the quality of all our Ingredients, to be organic (where it can be), to provide higher nutritional density by conducting better quality checks on our ingredients and lastly to procure from farmers that are passionate about the quality of food they grow.


We will be sharing our journey on how the items you order from us start out soon (the journey of your ingredients from farm to table).


Healthy food gives positive energy, and we've always felt that positive energy is contagious.


Hope you have a good experience with us.