Hygiene, Quality & Ingredient - Sourcing


Hygeine, Quality & Ingredient-Sourcing


Since its inception, Sushiya as a venture has never compromised on the quality and origin of its ingredients. Despite the flooding of the Asian market with Food&Beverage products made of artificial flavours,, genetically-manufactured sushi-grade rice and other products & cheaper alternatives to Japanese ingredients; we as a venture have insisted to sticking to the authentic, to the qualitative and to a hygiene-centered approach in bringing you one of the world’s most expensively prepared dishes. Believe it or not, the sticky sushi rice consumed in your delicious maki-rolls and nigiris happen to be the globe’s most high-priced & carefully prepared rice grains. The hygiene, quality and the authenticity of our products is a personal issue for us, as what we sell & what we offer to you here in India originates from the very country whose food-habits, manufacturing and packaging-rituals are at the top of the hygiene and quality-scale of this entire globe.   


Seafood Quality and Transportation Method


Without an exception, all our suppliers of seafood products hold internationally-recognized and Japanese-community endorsed packaging, transportation & storage-standards. Freshly obtained seafood food products reach us within anywhere between 18-72 hours before they are hygienically processed within our central kitchen.  Fish originating from Japan, the U.S., Norway and from Kerala or Chennai is directly imported in certain quantities by Sushiya and is flown to the IGI Delhi Airport through contracted firms and air-carries. Sushiya also happens to be  Delhi’s largest consumer of seafood products with its consumer base of more than 12,000 households in the city.


The Reason for The No-Frill attached cheaper Pricing


It is quite simple. Sushiya happens to be the largest consumer of seafood products in the city, and hence with the applied economies of scale and bulk-purchase, we play with a model with lower-margins but higher consumption. 


Origin of Ingredients, Sourced-Destinations


Koshihikari Rice/ Kokuhou Rice  - Japan

Avacado- India

Asparagus- India

Crab Meat- Thailand

Eel- Thailand

Squid- India

Shrimp/Prawn- India

Salmon- Norway, Scotland

Cucumber- India

Carrots- India

Tuna- India

Cooking Sake- Japan

Mirin- Japan

Dashi- Japan

Soy Sauce- Japan

Wasabi- Japan

Seaweed- Japan

Pickled Ginger- Japan

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