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Sushiya's Premium Signature Rolls Line-up

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Sushiya: Crafting Culinary Delights Since 2003

Founded by Varun in 2003 at the age of 18, Sushiya started as a small home-kitchen delivery service. Through hard work and the support of friends, family, and valued customers like you, we evolved into one of the country's first gourmet food delivery companies by 2006.

Today, we operate 10 kitchens across Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, and Mumbai, with a vision of expanding to 100 outlets Pan-India by the end of 2024. Our mission is simple: to provide you with good quality food, great service, and excellent value for your money.

At Sushiya, we cherish the idea of savoring every meal with joy and fun alongside your loved ones. We sincerely hope that your experience with us is enjoyable and promotes your well-being.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to serving you with our delicious culinary creations.

Lets get to know more about Tempura - everybody's fav Japanese dish!

Tempura Fun Facts: Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

Our best selling sushi are also the ones that are tempura fried!

Prawn Tempura Roll & Crispy Asparagus, you can never go wrong with these two!

  • The recipe for tempura was introduced to Japan by Portuguese Jesuit missionaries particularly active in the city of Nagasaki also founded by the Portuguese, during the sixteenth century (1549).
  • Though etymologists are not absolutely certain, it is likely that the word ‘tempura’ came from the Portuguese ‘tempêro’, which means ‘seasoning’.
  • January 7th is National Tempura Day.
  • Tempura generally does not use breadcrumbs (panko) in the coating.
  • Vegetable oil or canola oil are most common; however, tempura was traditionally cooked using sesame oil.
  • Oil temperature is generally kept between 320-356 F, depending on the ingredient, to preserve the natural flavor and texture of the ingredients.
  • The most popular seafood tempura is probably Prawn.

Any item that is tempura fried has a mouthwatering combination of textures and flavors that makes it as fun to eat as they are delicious!

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Best Sellers: Tried, Tested, and Loved

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Donburi: Rice Bowl Extravaganza.

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