About Us

Sushiya was born in 2003, when Varun decided it was time to start his first venture (he was 18 at the time). We were not an overnight success; Lot of hard-work, support from friends & family and people like you kept us afloat. 

What started out as a small delivery service based out of home-kitchen, became one of the country’s first gourmet food delivery in 2006 (not one company delivered across Delhi/NCR from a single kitchen at the time). We now have 10 kitchens across the country (Mumbai & Delhi) and aim to have 50 outlets Pan-India by March 2018.

Our goals are simple; To provide:

  1. Good Quality Food
  2. Great Service
  3. Value for Money

Like all good things, Sushiya has been blessed with great people (more like a great family) that allows us to achieve our goals every day.

We feel that every meal together with family and friends is to be savoured with joy and fun. We sincerely hope you have an enjoyable and healthy experience with us.