What to Order

Can't Decide What to order? 
Please see our suggestions, hope it helps!

Single Person

Meal for 1:
If you are having a meal by yourself we suggest you order from the Ala Carte Menu  (we recommend 2 portions (8pc) or if you want a filling meal you can order any of our 10 pc boxes. Our popular boxes includes Maki Box(Veg) and Non-Veg Kids Lovers Box, and Fusion Roll Box(Non-Veg).

Meal for 2

Meal for 2:
We recommend between16pc to 20pc. Veg Supreme Box and Veg Lovers Box are our popular Veg Boxes. Super Fusion Box, Exotica Box & Salmon Island Box are the most ordered boxes in Non-Veg Boxes. 

meal for 4

Meal for 4-6:
If your are looking for a meal for a group of 4-6 we recommend the Party Packs. Our popular packs include Veggie Party Pack, Maki Party Pack, Genki Party Pack & Sushiya Select Party Pack. Basically all our party packs :) (They also provide the most value for money)