Top 5 Sushi Manners You Should Know

Top 5 Sushi Manners You Should Know

Want to try Sushi but not sure how to eat it? 

Don't want to end up looking like a sushi newbie in front of your colleagues and friends? This short blog will help you become a Sushi 'know it all' in your next encounter with sushi!

Don't worry, you're not alone.

Sushi is still a relatively new dish in many countries, and people are still learning about it. 

We've prepared a list of etiquettes that you can practice!

Before we get started, sushi at SUSHIYA is always served with 'Gari (pickled-ginger), Wasabi (type of horse-radish paste) and Soy Sauce' and chopsticks. 

Now to the best part:


Gari Ginger

1. Gari (Pickled ginger) is used as a palate cleanser (that is, you should have it in-between 2 kinds of sushi). Lot of people tend to eat Gari with the sushi, but this causes the flavour of the main filling to be lost. 

2. Soy sauce should be used sparingly. Sushi is best enjoyed when you have it with the right amount of soy sauce and wasabi. If you add to much of it, you will lose the real flavour of the filling.

use less soy sauce

3. Soy sauce should only be applied to nigiri sushi from the top (fish side). If you are dipping your nigiri sushi into soy sauce and put the rice in first, sushi will start to disintegrate before you can put it in your mouth. 

use your hands

4. You can eat with your fingers. Contrary to what people may tell you, you can eat sushi with your hands or use 'hashi' (chopsticks), and there is no 'proper way'. *Just make sure your fingers are clean :)

5. Don't skewer your sushi with chopsticks. Just eat it with your hands. Its just considered bad manners. 


Let us know if we missed anything, in the meantime we hope you have an enjoyable sushi experience!


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