About Zoe

I believe in good vibes, hard work, good energy and a truly fit and healthy lifestyle!
I began my foray into the world of fitness as most of us do; by joining a gym. It wasn’t long until I was addicted. But as I slowly strayed away from the mundane treadmill routine, I came to strongly believe that fitness is not about how many reps you can do or how heavy the weights you lift are. Instead, fitness is about committing to a healthy lifestyle and it can and should be fun for everyone!
In 2014, I co-founded Studio 60 with my partner Diya Roopchand Kaul, a fitness studio that celebrates inspiration, energy, good health and a peaceful mind. With a focus on the ‘Feel Good’ factor, we strive to put aside the chaos of our everyday lives and instead, lose ourselves in a range of customized feel-good workout sessions!
From personal training to group fitness, from spinning to kickboxing, our studio offers a chance to laugh, joke and have fun, all while getting fit.