Intestinal activity "KIKUIMO Tea"

Intestinal activity "KIKUIMO Tea"

Intestinal activity "KIKUIMO tea" (2.5g x 10 bags)
from Hokkaido, Japan

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum bulb (from Hokkaido prefecture)

No additives, no colouring.
This tea is a quick and easy way to get the entirety of KIKUIMO's ingredients.
It has a gentle taste without astringency or bitterness and goes well with meals and sweets.
When you have finished drinking it, take the chrysanthemum bulb out of the teabag and eat it whole as an ingredient in miso soup or chrysanthemum bulb potage.

How to use it?
Put one bag of chrysanthemum bulb tea into a mug.
Pour in plenty of hot water, and let it soaked for about 2 minutes before drinking.
If you want to boil the tea bag, put one sachet in 200-300cc of water and bring it to a boil before drinking.
What is "Kikuimo"?
At Ichimaru Shoten, we use chrysanthemum bulb grown in Hokkaido.
Inulin is the main ingredient of the chrysanthemum bulb and is full of water-soluble dietary fibre, which cleanses the intestines while increasing good bacteria and reducing the absorption of carbohydrates.
"Intestinal detox" is a way to improve the intestinal environment and make good bacteria dominant.
Let's keep the intestinal tract, our largest immune system, Be healthy!

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